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In our quest to vanquish the haunting monsters that plague us, we must abandon our morals, embrace the encroaching darkness, and transform into the deadliest creatures ourselves.

Life shattered my childhood dreams—no white picket fences, no dream job, and definitely no flawless husband...

Well, that last part isn't entirely true. I just didn't expect my husband's three friends to be my soulmates and lovers too, one of whom fathered the life growing inside me.

It all began with rivers of blood, and it ends the same. Drop by drop, we'll exorcise our demons, but I fear we'll lose too much along the way.

"Released" concludes the Highgate Preparatory Academy series—a scorching contemporary romance where our fierce leading lady need not settle for one lover. If you crave broken, devilishly rich boys thriving in darkness, a sassy woman unafraid of cursing, and panty-melting scenes in nearly every chapter, dive into "Released" today to discover Lilly and her Knights' fate. One-handed reading allowed!


GST Included
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