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From purest pain comes sweetest vengeance.

The city of Coldlake, where everything appears bright and sunny but beneath the surface is blood and darkness. A city where killers hide in plain sight and the ones you trust can turn on you in a heartbeat.

My heart has endured pain, but in the arms of the Coldlake Syndicate, I’ve known only sweetness. Their kisses are my joy and their love is my salvation. When their pasts collide with our present, nothing will ever be the same.

My four men have suffered at the hands of an unknown killer, and I’ll do whatever it takes to heal their broken hearts. I see him, and he will tremble at my coming.

Vengeance will be mine.

Author’s note: Third Comes Vengeance is the final book in the Promised in Blood series. These books contain dark themes, violence, and a Why Choose romance with ruthlessly possessive men. The story is dark, dirty, and delicious, so please read at your discretion.

Third Comes Blood

GST Included
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