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Death isn’t the end. Surrender is overrated.
Killing for love is the only cure…

I fear nothing, no one.

Not even the boys who loved me that I lost. Dead. Buried. Gone. One by one. I am alone.
I need to be stronger. I have to evolve If I’m to survive. If I’m going to save us all.

Jude is my rock. Lorcan is my faith. Dante is my blade. Dino was the light to my darkness.

And me…I’m the monster who comes in the night. I’m the bitch back from hell to make you weep. My father will know it when I slice him and every last one of his sinners into pretty ribbons for what they did to me…
To my family.

And in the end, they will beg.
Love, honor, and obey.
Not f*cking likely.

I’d rather slaughter them all.

A Destiny of Carnage

GST Included
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