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They can't save me, no one can.

My life has never been my own, my childhood was stolen from me by wicked men with greedy hands. Forced to play into their dark depraved desires, my body is no longer my own.

Then one night they arrive, the sons of my captors, the ghosts of my past, desperate to prove themselves worthy of the tarnished crown that one day they will inherit.

Like their sires, they are drawn to me, their darkness trying to consume me, body and soul. They're determined to take the one thing I have left; my heart.

But vengeance sits like a serpent coiled around the organ, ready to strike down her enemies with fangs and poison, leaving no prisoners.

Hell hath no fury like a woman trapped, and the last thing they'll see is a flash of green as I take everything that belonged to them and watch it burn.


A Night of Revelry and Envy is part of the multi-author, Vices and Hedonism shared world and anthology.

A Night of Revelry and Envy

GST Included
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