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Blood hides carnal desires. Power is overrated.

Killing for family, tainted with nothing but love...

My emotions are supposed to be dead.

I was never meant to feel this. Pain. Anger. Rage. Feelings erode me from the inside.

They make me weak. They make him more powerful.

But I can't lose.

Dante is my sweetness in hell. My father has me where he wants me. And my boys...well they think I'm all but lost.

They're right. I'm not the same Angel of Death they knew before and desired. I'm losing control one promise at a time. I'm spiraling, de-evolving, turning into him.

But in the end, I need no one.

Pain, torture, and torment.

Is the only way to be monstrous.

I've known it all along.

Haven't you?

A Promise of Torment

GST Included
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