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You gotta love the stories. Folklore, myths, legends. Oral traditions passed down through the centuries, before being immortalised forever on film. Only, as with all games of Secret Whispers, the truth gets distorted, warped, lost. Mor’du: the monstrous prince who desired power over the bonds of family. Cursed to be a beast for all eternity, wandering in the scarred shell of a monster, tormented and wanting. Or so they’ll have you believe. I’m here to tell you the truth of Mor’du’s story. It’s up to you if you believe the words, but trust me, if anyone knows the truth of what really happened between those four brothers, it’s me...the girl who started a war.

Bearing the Curse is a reverse harem re-telling of a classic you think you know.

Bearing The Curse

GST Included
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