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"I do."

Two words that taste bittersweet, their meaning conflicting within me. They roll off my tongue, tasting both right and wrong, as if the hand that gives also seeks to take away, uncaring and unapologetic.

Can I truly have it all? Can I keep them, these pieces of my heart?

Shakespeare knew true love's path is anything but smooth, especially when it collides with an unknown past, while our own demons threaten to consume us.

Questions multiply, each answer giving rise to more as history, that unpredictable force, repeats itself, and we are mere passengers on this wild ride.

Bound, the second book in the Highgate Preparatory Academy series, an electrifying contemporary romance where choices need not be made and our courageous heroine finds solace in multiple lovers. Swords clash, both figuratively and literally. If your heart yearns for broken, tantalisingly handsome men who thrive in darkness, a fierce young woman unafraid to wield colourful language, and intimate encounters that ignite your desires—each chapter ablaze with temptation—then Bound awaits.

Embark on the next chapter of Lilly's story. Download Bound today and discover what lies ahead for her and her enigmatic Knights.


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