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I do.

Two words.

How can they feel so right when they fall from my lips, and yet taste wrong at the same time? It's true what they say about the hand that gives. It also gives no s**ts, and tries to take away just as much.

Can I have my cake, and eat it too? Can I keep them all?

Shakespeare says the path to true love doesn't run smoothly, and he's never been more right.

What happens when your future, and the past you knew nothing about, collides? All whilst our demons threaten to consume us.

So many questions, and just when you start to get some answers, more take their place.

History has a funny way of repeating itself, for better or worse, and we're just all along for the ride.

Bound is the second book in the Highgate Preparatory Academy series, a fast burn #whychoose contemporary romance, so our leading lady won't have to choose, and will end up with more than one lover. Swords will cross. If you love broken, hot as hell rich boys who thrive in the dark, a sassy as f*ck young woman with a love of creative curse words, and destroy your panties type of sex scenes in *almost every chapter, then you'll love Bound.

***Warning: 18+ Please be aware that this is a dark contemporary romance with graphic scenes that some readers may find upsetting or triggering, so please read the author’s note at the beginning. Swords will cross. You will need to read Captured , Highgate Preparatory Academy, Book 1 first. ***

*Disclaimer: please note. Rosa Lee cannot be held responsible for the destruction of any panties, knickers, or underwear of any kind. She recommends that you take adequate precautions before reading Bound to avoid any sticky situations.*

Bound (Alternate Cover)

GST Included
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