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Rivers of red changed my life in inexplicable ways.

Leaving behind my happy, carefree London existence, I found myself across the pond at the exclusive Highgate Preparatory Academy—an institution catering to the privileged offspring of the affluent and influential in the United States—for my senior year.

There, fate led me to the arms of the Black Knights of Highgate Prep.

Loki, Jax, Kai, and Ash—four mesmerising, damaged, and captivating young men. Each possesses a wealth as vast as Midas, yet their scars run deep, seemingly irreparable.

Our connection is immediate and profound, akin to a fairytale, but my knights bear tarnished armour, embodying fallen angels with a touch of demonic souls.

But fate, relentless and unforgiving, orchestrated a night that shattered my world once more, forcing me to question the loyalty of my dark knights as their haunting secrets came to light.

Yet appearances can be deceiving, and even knights must submit to tyrant kings. It turns out that the grass is not always greener on the other side—it too is stained with crimson. And none of us can claim innocence.

Captured is the first book in a scorching dark contemporary romance, where our bold leading lady won't have to choose. Boundaries will be crossed, both figuratively and literally.

If you crave emotionally scarred, impossibly attractive young men who thrive in the shadows, a fiercely outspoken young woman unafraid to wield colourful language, and steamy encounters that will leave you breathless—appearing in nearly every chapter—then Captured is a novel you won't want to miss.


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