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I am crazy.

The hospital have said so.

They may have released me back to Santa Catalina Island but my demons are far from done haunting me.

My best friend tells me I just need to take the meds and go to therapy, and I'll get better.

But who are these boys that keep telling me I know them? And why does it feel like Summer isn't telling me the whole truth?

When the voices return and the four men start pushing their way back into my life, I'm powerless to resist.

Maybe I'm not as crazy as everyone wants me to believe.


Endangered is book 2 in this paranormal reverse harem romance series, meaning our FMC will have more than one love interest and won’t have to choose between them. You need to have read book one, Silenced, to understand this one. Endangered ends on a cliff-hanger, but you probably already knew that, didn’t you?


GST Included
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