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With one ring of the doorbell, one unexpected visitor, and one shocking revelation, Amelie Rossi’s whole world is torn apart.


Faced with no choice but to return to Knox Academy, she knows she has to go back to save the people she loves. But nothing can prepare her for the twisted welcome home awaiting her back in England.


As Amelie tries to re-navigate her way around a school full of criminals hell bent on revenge, her confusing feelings for the four guys who destroyed her heart, and even more family drama, she must also figure out the mysteries of The Order of The Snaidhm to get to the bottom of the tangled web of lies and half truths being fed to her.


Sick of being told what to do and who she must become, Amelie is faced with an important decision: will she fall in line to get the answers she so desperately craves, or tell everyone to f*ck off so that she can forge her own path?

Book Two of the sensational Knox Academy, Reverse Harem series.

F*ck Off: Knox Academy - Term 2

GST Included
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