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The Woods are…
Monstrous, Dark and Deep.

Not all fae are pretty…some are frightening.
Claws, thorns, and tentacles.
Nightmares from shadow.
I was promised to the worst of them all.

The Prince of Death.

He comes to my dreams, devours me at night.
He means to consume every part of me.
But my broken heart sings to him
as it calls to the other hellish creatures who crave me too.

My family were the ones who stole dark magic from the Unseelie fae. For seven years, my blood and sacrifices are supposed to pay the price.
But the spark between us holds a secret.

It runs through my veins.
Power only a queen should have.
Twisted. Dormant. Dangerous.

Humans aren’t meant to be divine.

The Monsters of the Dark Fae will hunt me down. The Starless Royals will bathe in my blood. The Sluagh will consume me.

But Gods may cry, the deadly host shall rise, and the world will weep…

before My Monsters
let them have me.

Publisher Note: Gods May Cry is a dark paranormal reverse harem romance intended for mature audiences. Some scenes contain graphic violence and potentially triggering moments. A list of all triggers can be found at Please read at your own discretion.

Gods May Cry

GST Included
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