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Heathens - Depraved Sinners Book Two by Sheridan Anne 

**Special Edition Foil Paperback** 



Twinkle, twinkle little star.
Heathens coming, brand new scar.
Slaughter turns to pained goodbye.
Never knowing if I’ll die.


A DeAngelis family war is brewing and these heathens are the vicious ringleaders, pulling the strings of their pawns for the greatest show of all—a show that will guarantee sweet, sweet victory.


Only victory comes with a price.


The question is, what are they willing to lose to get the one thing they’ve always wanted?


They kidnapped me. Haunted me. Allowed me to believe that I could trust them, and I foolishly did.

I’m in deeper than I could have known, and now there’s no going back.


When blood spilled, I ran at the first chance I got. That was my biggest mistake.


Do. Not. Run.


It’s been drilled into my head since the moment they took me.

A searing bullet through the chest is enough to seal my fate, and no matter how much I scream, they refuse to believe my innocence. They’re out for blood and they won’t stop until they’ve watched the life fade from my eyes.

These heathens are nothing but the callous, cruel monsters the world has always known them to be and they hold every last card between their devious fingers. Their own flesh and blood fear them. They’ve locked them away for the greater good, but they won’t be kept down, not anymore.

This war just took a turn for the worst and navigating my way to freedom might just cost me my life.


Depraved Sinners is a New Adult, Dark, Reverse Harem, Contemporary Romance series. It contains explicit sexual content, graphic violence, drug abuse, and coarse language. It is recommended for mature readers.


Depraved Sinners is planned as a four book series.

Heathens Foil Paperback

GST Included
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