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This is not a love story.

I never asked to be drugged again, kidnapped again and held prisoner ‘for my own good’. By the boys who swore they’d never hurt me no less.

If everything they do, have ever done, is with my best interests at heart, then they won’t mind helping me exact my plan for revenge on the ones who hurt me most: their own fathers.

If I’m going to do this, I will need The Holy Trinity by my side.

The Father.

The Son.

The Spirit.

Once upon a time they were my entire world, but now they’re my pawns in a deadly game of chess that will see me crowned Queen of more than just their empires – if the secrets we keep and the lies we tell don’t threaten to tear us all apart first.

The Hunting Grounds may be drawing to an end, but The Hunting Games are only just beginning.


The Hunting Games is a dark reverse harem story with extremely triggering events, friends to enemies to lovers themes and harrowing backstories. This is book two of The Holy Trinity Trilogy. The series will have a HEA, but it will be a rough ride to get there.

Hunting Games

GST Included
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