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This is not a love story.

I was just looking to keep my head down and complete my education, so that I could move as far away from my hometown, and all its tainted memories, as possible. I never bargained on running into my past. But then again, I never asked to be kidnapped, drugged and branded as The Doe either.

I certainly never asked to be part of The Hunting Grounds, a sick and twisted ‘survival of fittest’ game which would make me the grand prize.

There can only be one explanation for this: The Holy Trinity.
The Father.
The Son.
The Spirit.

Once upon a time they were my entire world, but now they each claim a different hold on me: tormentor, persecutor, possessor. They may think that they have it all planned out, but they forget one little thing… Odile Kemp isn’t anybody’s prey. The Hunting Grounds are my goddamn playground. And I like to torment my toys before I play with them.

The Hunting Grounds is the start of a dark reverse harem series with triggering events, bullying and backstories. It ends on a cliffhanger. Please take this warning seriously.

Hunting Grounds

GST Included
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