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One woman. Three mafia men. A twisted marriage game…

The dangerous life I escaped has seized hold of me again. Three men have snatched my freedom and they’re playing a twisted game of power, hearts, and blood.

My captors glitter like diamonds in the dark, each one more handsome and ruthless than the last.

Konstantin, the scarred and heartless ringleader, and mastermind of my fate.

Elyah, the demon from my past who once craved me and now covets my demise.

Kirill, a bloodthirsty maniac with depraved needs who thrives on misery and mayhem.

Sixteen women are forced to compete in their twisted pageant, and one by one we’re eliminated until there’s only one jewel left.

My captors’ desire burns as hard as their cruelty, but the true torment only begins when the pageant ends.

Author’s note: Pageant (Pageant, 1) is the first book in a mafia romance duet and ends on a cliffhanger. The heroes only have hearts and eyes for the heroine, and she never has to choose. This book contains captive themes, violence, and ruthlessly possessive men. The story is dark and potentially triggering, so please read responsibly.


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