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Some secrets refuse to stay buried... it’s time for Retribution.

The blood of my love is my life.

Raven hasn’t had it easy; her life has been a whirlwind of clusterfucks and disasters, but the latest has left her reeling. She’s faced with a tough decision: crumble and break, or rebuild and come back fighting harder than ever.

With the help of the guys she loves picking her up and supporting her every step of the way, she chooses the second option. But as secrets and lies are revealed, even with fierce love on their side, it might not be enough to help Raven in the fight of her life.

Can a secret that refuses to stay buried be the key to serving up the ultimate retribution to Cordelia and finding Raven’s happiness once and for all? Or is this a secret too far – something there’s no coming back from that will threaten to tear them all apart for good?

Retribution, the final book in the Vengeance trilogy, is a contemporary New Adult reverse harem romance, with some dark themes. Series complete.

“Retribution is definitely coming for everyone that has hurt her if her oh so protective men have anything to say about it (not that she needs protecting)” - Anthia

“I slowed down reading this book because I fell in love with these characters and didn’t want it to end” - Amber

“There were so many twists and turns to this story I didn't see coming that it kept me on my toes the while time” - Caitlyn

“My mind is absolutely blown away. I'm left wanting more and completely satisfied. This book gave me all the feels” - Valarie

“The most epic conclusion to an amazing story” - Shadowkissed

“100% recommend this series. Start with book 1, Vengeance. It's phenomenal and absolutely addictive. You won't regret it. Crystal North is brilliant” - Amara


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