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They break rules. It’s what they do.
A prank. A game. That’s all I am to them.
But he looks at me differently, with eyes that burn into my very soul.
Off limits. Forbidden. Ten years younger but no more innocent than I am.
He looks at me like he already owns me.

She’s the ultimate challenge—who’ll be the first to break her?
The new teacher at Reynard’s elite Boarding School for Boys
needs to become a willing slave or she’s gone.
Like fuck, if I’ll tolerate anything less.
She’ll come to heel. Even if I have to make her.

But he’s a drug. A twisted distraction that threatens to ruin everything I’ve built.

But with each taste of her, I need more. With each breath, I’m falling f*cking hard.

I need to hurt him before he ends me.

I need to end her, before she takes my heart and carves it out of my chest for all to see.

We were never meant to be together.

But now look.

It’s too late.

Publisher Note: Sinful is a dark, reverse age gap, bully romance between a teacher and student, intended for mature readers, containing material that some may find triggering or offensive.

Sinful - Alternate Cover

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