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Not gonna lie, I never pictured myself wanting to be with a man who has more baggage than an airport, but here we are. Sean Waters came storming into my ER with his little girl, limp in his arms, and the rest was history . . . kind of.
You know that baggage I mentioned? Yeah, that baggage is a real bitch.
Sean is a broken and tortured soul, barely holding on, but I see something worth saving.
I want to bring his happiness back, and if I just happen to fall for him along the way, someone better get ready to catch me. Because something tells me catching hold of Sean’s heart is like wishing for rain in a drought—almost impossible.


It’s been three long years since my wife died, leaving me with our newborn daughter, and I have made every mistake a father could make along the way.
I’m not perfect, but I’m giving it my all and trying for my little girl.
When Sara died, she took my heart and soul with her and I’ve never been able to get them back. I’ve become a shell of the man I once was, barely surviving, and if it weren’t for Georgia, I never would have made it out of the darkness.
When Georgie’s asthma returns and I rush her into the hospital, barely holding on, a beautiful nurse is there to save her life. Only it turns out, my daughter wasn’t the only person she was planning to save.

Single Daddy Say What? is a New Adult, Contemporary Romance with a HEA.
CONTENT WARNING: Sexual content, death, grief, illness of a child, mass shooting, and heavy coarse language.

Single Daddy Say What? - Special Edition in Foil

GST Included
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