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October 31st. One of the most lucrative and celebrated days of the year. But for Ruri James, it’s just another day.

Well, almost.

Celebrating her twenty-first birthday on Halloween, Ruri invites her three life-long besties round to celebrate with her.

Tradition dictates it.

She’s had a crush on her three best friends for as long as she can remember. As the years have passed, the crush has developed into something far less innocent. She’s never told anyone, preferring to keep her naughty little secret and live in hope.

Suddenly though, this year everything is different.

Either the guys are messing with her, or they seem to return her feelings.

As the games begin, it’s up to Ruri to figure out who or what she really wants. Are the guys genuine? Is it all just a trick? Or is she in for the treat of her life?

Trick or treat is a ‘Why Choose’ Reverse Harem stand-alone short story, featuring a HEA.

Trick OR Treat

GST Included
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