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Wicked Hearts At War Collection: The Complete Series contains the following books:
- War Of Hearts: Book One of Wicked Hearts At War
- Wicked Hearts: Book Two of Wicked Hearts At War
- Hearts Break: Book Three: Book Three of Wicked Hearts At War


How easy is it to end the life of the one you love?

To destroy them, take them to pieces until there’s nothing left, not even a bloody corpse to mourn over.

Very f*cking easy. I should know.

Light a spark, throw the match, and watch it all burn.

Don’t apologize. Don’t waste your breath.

Don't look back.

Because looking back brings you down with them.

And there can be only one victor...

In this War of Hearts.


Publisher Note: This a coming of age, new adult, teen bully romance, redemption story. Containing adult and dark themes, teen drama, bullying, swearing, some non consensual steamy moments, and potential triggers.

Wicked Hearts At War

GST Included
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